Deltronic Labs DL-1275 Continuous Type Ticket Dispenser


Deltronic Labs Ticket Dispenser is a reliable & quality choice for your ticket dispensing needs. It is designed with a “Quick Release” face plate, bottom metal ticket guide, foolproof braking system & optical sensor dust cover. The Deltronic Labs Model DL-1275 (Continous Type) is controlled by the game software. The game turns on the dispenser with a logic high signal and monitors a return notch signal from the dispenser to turn it off. It will dispense as many tickets as game options allow.

  • “Quick Release” face plate
  • You can “snap out” one ticket dispenser and immediately replace it with another in just seconds.
  • No tools necessary
  • Easy access to front of rollers and ticket guides
  • Bottom Metal ticket guide
  • Foolproof braking system is easily adjustable
  • Optical sensor dust cover reduces maintenance
  • Validation “Diamond” mark identifies tickets
  • Adjustable ticket stop
  • Compact and lightweight
  • 3″W x 4″H x 5″L, 2 lbs

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
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