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How to Replace a Paper Roll

How To Replace The Paper Roll On An ICT GP-58CR Thermal Printer 

Replacing the paper roll on an ICT GP-58CR Thermal Printer is quick and easy. Just follow these four simple steps and you’ll be printing again in no time.

Step 1: Remove the old roll and place a new roll on the paper roll axel. Insert the new roll with the paper in a clockwise direction. Push the paper roll all the way down until it snaps into place.

How To Replace The Paper Roll Step 2Step 2: With the paper roll firmly in place, push the printer lever clockwise to allow the paper to be fed into the printer.
How To Replace The Paper Roll Step 3Step 3: Insert the end of the paper into the printer. The printer will automatically detect the paper and pull it through until it is secure. If this was successful, the paper detection indicator will switch from red to green.

How To Replace The Paper Roll Step 4Step 4: Once the intallation is successful, push the printer lever back into place by pushing it counterclockwise. This will allow the printer to operate smoothly and help prevent paper jams. Your ICT GP-58CR Thermal Printer is now ready to print!

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Maintenance notice: any improper maintenance will void the warranty. 

If you have any questions or require assistance while replacing the paper roll on your ICT Thermal Printer, please do not hesitate to call us. Our friendly tech support is the best in the industry and we’re always willing to help. 8LineSupply Technical Support: 920-347-0333

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