Ocean King 3 Plus: Raging Fire

Ocean King 3 Plus: Raging Fire game available from 8 Line Supply

IGS’s exciting fish hunting game works with multi-player fish tables

Game machine owners are diving head-first into the new Ocean King 3 Plus: Raging Fire game boards from 8 Line Supply on the attraction of its rare dual format twist as a simultaneously cooperative and competitive game. The fast-paced, eight-player fish hunting game board works with fish tables for 4, 6, 8 or 10 players.

Special weapons, swimming dragons and a large variety of sea creatures combine to keep players engaged at a high level. Ocean King 3 Plus: Raging Fire features non-stop action in which players use a joystick to aim their weapons and attempt to capture sea creatures.

Players can adjust how many points they want to spend with each shot, with captured sea creatures awarding points based on the shot value. Larger creatures require more shots, which is where the cooperative nature of Ocean King 3 Plus: Raging Fire comes into play. Multiple players can shoot at the same creature simultaneously, but only one player will claim the points.

Choose only the IGS brand of Ocean King 3 Plus: Raging Fire

Game machine owners are encouraged to invest only in the IGS brand of Ocean King products and avoid the many duplicates on the market. Ocean King is one of the most trusted names in the industry and is the only brand carried by 8 Line Supply.

Game players are enjoying several new features with Ocean King 3 Plus: Raging Fire, including crab monsters, the Mystic Dragon, and the main boss, the Raging Dragon.

While Ocean King 3 Plus: Raging Fire comes as a game board only, 8 Line Supply also offers complete tables to host your games. Ask your 8 Line Supply representative about the Ocean King 3 Plus: Buffalo Thunder game as well.

8 Line Supply also carries the Gold Illusion 2 vertical screen game by Trestle, featuring its remake of the classic Bugs Crazy 8-line game as well as the eye-catching 25-line Buffalo Game.

About 8 Line Supply

8 Line Supply is a leading distributor of 8 Liner, Cherry Master, Pot-O-Gold and Coin Pusher amusement and gaming machines. In addition, 8 Line Supply provides a full line of accessories from top brands in the industry including game boards, LCD monitors, bill acceptors, harnesses, power supplies and more for customers throughout North America and around the world.

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