8 Line Supply NCG Suite 4 and NCG Deluxe

NCG Suite 4 and NCG Deluxe games now available from 8 Line Supply

Banilla Games’ newest offerings provide hours of enjoyment

The recent release of Banilla Games’ NCG Suite 4 and NCG Deluxe multi games has owners smiling as players stay engaged with their machine investments. 8 Line Supply has inventories of both games, as well as the best game machines for maximizing enjoyment.

The NCG Suite 4 and NCG Deluxe multi game boards are easy to install, arriving ready to plug-and-play into a standard 36/10 pin Cherry Master harness or with an adapter to a Pot-O-Gold harness. The updated games come on the heels of the new game Diggin’ Deep by IGS, providing machine owners with a fresh variety of game options from 8 Line Supply for their personal and customer use.

More about the NCG Suite 4 and NCG Deluxe multi games

NCG Suite 4 multi game

NCG Suite 4 is a 6-in-1 touchscreen multi game that features a prize viewer option in which players never have to spend money to select the “View Prizes” button. The game’s software has removed all elements of chance, making all plays predetermined and predictable.

Configurable jackpots, tiered big win tally animation, and bonus games unique to each of the six games are some of the other features of the NCG Suite 4 game.

The NCG Suite 4’s six games jump off the screen with high-resolution VGA graphics:

  • Double Shot
  • Fabulous Las Vegas
  • Mega Money Reel
  • Nut Shack
  • Piggy Bank Bust
  • Silver & Gold

NCG Deluxe vertical multi game

The NCG Deluxe is a vertical 5-in-1 touchscreen multi game bursting with high-resolution VGA graphics. In addition to having configurable jackpots and tiered big win tally animation, it also offers optional spinning reels or shutters.

The NCG Deluxe’s games include:

  • Sparky’s Firehouse
  • Bourbon Street Dice
  • The Curious Case of Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde
  • Ticket to Ride
  • Kiss Me I’m Irish

Like NCG Suite 4, NCG Deluxe comes with a prize viewer option in which players never have to spend money to select the “View Prizes” button. 8 Line Supply’s Vertical Screen Metal Gaming Machine and our Vertical Screen Diamond Fusion machine are ideal homes for NCG Deluxe.

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