Ribao JM-100D Counterfeit Currency Detector

Ribao JM-100D Counterfeit Currency Detector

Code: ribao-jm-100d-counterfeit-currency-detector



Product Description



  • Automatic feeding electronic counterfeit currency detector
  • Uses ultraviolet, magnetic, metal thread, infrared and colorized optical analysis detection
  • Verifies bills in approximately 0.5 seconds
  • Accepts USD, EURO, JPY, HKD, GBP, CAD or KRW currencies
  • Warning buzzer sounds when fake bill is detected
  • User-friendly LCD display menu displays in Chinese or English
  • Connects to a computer for simple software updates via the internet
  • Three digit quantity and five digit amount of banknotes displayed on screen
  • Includes power cord and user manual
  • 1 year manufacturer's warranty