Pot-O-Gold Multi-Game - Game Manual

Pot-O-Gold Multi-Game - Game Manual



Product Details:

This great collection has everything thing you need to set up a Pot-O-Gold game board. Included in this assortment are the Pot-0-Gold Gaming Machine Software Configuration Manual, Pot-O-Gold Pin Out Manual, and Pot-O-Gold Ports & Dip Switch Manual.

Pot-0-Gold Gaming Machine Software Configuration Manual....139 Pages
A Guide for Setting Up the Pot-O-Gold Software, Configuring Game and Operating Options Collecting Data

  • Operator Menu
  • Attract Configuration
  • Casino Books
  • DCS Configuration
  • Error Stats
  • Factor Tests
  • Game Select
  • Main Configuration
  • Progressive Configuration
  • Recall History
  • Terminal Configuration
  • Test Screens
  • Ticket Configuration
  • Tourney Feature
  • MUCH MORE...

Pot-O-Gold Pin Out Manual....1 Page

Pot-O-Gold Ports & Dip Switch Manual....1 Page

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