Pot-O-Gold Error Fooler
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Pot-O-Gold Error Fooler



Product Overview:

This Pot-O-Gold Error Fooler keeps profits steady for Pot-O-Gold owners.

It is well-known that Pot-O-Gold game boards occasionally produce errors, requiring operators to manually have to fix them even if the error is minor. As operators wait for the error to be cleared, the game board is idle, resulting in lost profits.

This Fooler offers a solution. Once installed, it will instantly detect and clear nearly all minor game board errors, such as lockout failures, eliminating the time and inconvenience of having an actual operator clear the game board.

Convenient to install, it is 5" wide, 6" long, and .75" in diameter while weighing .5 lbs. 

What's Included

  • Pot-O-Gold Fooler.
  • Four colored wires for convenient installation: Yellow - Attendant Switch (part side), White - Counter F Switch (solder side), Black - Ground, Red - 5V DC.
  • Glowing red light that indicates proper installation.
  • Mounting hooks on the top and bottom of the fooler.


  • Dimensions: 5" width, 6" length, .75" diameter.
  • Weight: .5 lbs.
  • Cord length: 20".

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Pot-O-Gold Error Fooler