Golden Tee ® LIVE 2017 Pedestal Arcade
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Golden Tee ® LIVE 2017 Pedestal Arcade

Manufacturer: Incredible Technologies


Add Hercules LCD Stand (+$475)
Add Pyramid 7400-U51 Bill Acceptor (+$195)
Add High Security Coin Door (+100)

Product Overview:

Golden Tee ® LIVE 2017 is a complete system that is "Plug and Play" ready, introducing 5 brand new 18-hole courses that incorporate the most popular aspects of the game that players love. With the new courses, there are now an impressive 60 to choose from. Enhanced game graphics with 1080p resolution makes Golden Tee ® LIVE 2017 more powerful and eye-catching than ever before.

Other distinct features include bright green LEDs on the system's cabinet to give it a one of a kind look. There are also OFFLINE, ONLINE, and PRIZE PLAY formats. It is 38.5" high, 26.5" wide, and 29.5" deep while weighing 160 lbs.

It is sold without a stand or LCD display, leaving the installation process customizable to meet the vast needs of today's modern operator.

Stand (+$475), Display & High Security Coin Door (+$100) are Not Included!

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What's Included

  • Custom pedestal cabinet with bright green LEDs, which are only found on cabinets at 8Line Supply.
  • Enhanced Hi-Definition 1080p graphics.
  • Smooth Roll 3" Trackball for superior game play.
  • Illuminated Marquee topper sign.
  • Updated user interface.
  • Card Reader and Keypad for Cardless ID.
  • Proven prize play formats.
  • Individual and local statistic screens.
  • New player accessory options such as ball, club, tee, and clothing choices.
  • 1 year warranty from original date of purchase.
  • 60 courses available for play including 5 NEW Courses: Juniper Falls, Pine Coast, Ruby Rock, Sandy Reef, and Teal Gardens - Japan.


  • Dimensions: 38.5" height, 26.5" width, 29.5" depth.
  • Weight: 160 lbs.
  • "Plug and Play" ready.
  • HDTV Main Game Display: Compatible with a vast array of readily available, 720p (or better) Hi-Definition televisions with flexible options for connectivity.
  • Audio Connectivity Options: Has an installed speaker solution, but is flexible to give installers the option to enhance the audio experience utilizing HDTV speakers.
  • Online and offline gaming modes.
  • GT Caddy Mobile App for maximum player engagement.
  • FACTS Live and Adwiz Live compatible.
  • Players can compete in Worldwide Contests for Prizes or Glory in Real-Time Competitions.
  • Golden Tee ® is a trademark of Incredible Technologies, Inc.


  • Add a LCD stand.
  • Add a Bill Acceptor.
  • Add a high security coin door.
  • Customizations are always an option on our products.

Ordering/Shipping Details

  • Freight shipping cannot be estimated online because of the daily fluctuation of rates.
  • Our freight shipping rates are very competitive due to the high volume business we do with our carriers.
  • Order online now, and we will contact you during business hours to discuss freight shipping options and costs.

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Golden Tee ® LIVE 2017 Pedestal Arcade
Golden Tee ® LIVE 2017 Pedestal Arcade
Golden Tee ® LIVE 2017 Pedestal Arcade
Golden Tee ® LIVE 2017 Pedestal Arcade
Golden Tee ® LIVE 2017 Pedestal Arcade
Golden Tee ® LIVE 2017 Pedestal Arcade
Golden Tee ® LIVE 2017 Pedestal Arcade