Fruit Bonus 2006 by Amcoe - Software Update Chip

Fruit Bonus 2006 by Amcoe - Software Update Chip

Manufacturer: AMCOE



Product Details:

Current Version: v1.7

Board Type: Compact or VCG-1 (this can be found etched on the game board)

Updating your board to the most recently released version will do the following things:

Fix glitches, frozen screens, fix percentaging issues and add the latest changes to the game and setting options made by the game manufacturer.

Please note that this does not always fix the issue you may be having. It only replaces your game software with the latest version released by the game manufacturer.

Updating the software on your board is easy! Simply lift out the old EPROM, reinsert the new EPROM (divet in new EPROM must face same direction as old EPROM removed) and then your board is ready to be plugged in and turned on!

If this will be your first time updating the software on a game board, please give us a call so that we can walk you through the simple process and avoid any unfortunate side effects associated with installing the chips incorrectly!