Digital Voltage Multimeter

Digital Voltage Multimeter



Product Details:

Every Technician should have one of these for testing Power Supplies for proper voltage

Get accurate readings for DC voltage, DC current, AC voltage, resistance, transistor test, diode test, and battery test. Easy-to-read LCD readout, positive set selector switch and 32" leads.

  • Automatic zero adjust
  • Overange indicator
  • 2.5x second sample time
  • Low battery indicator
  • Fuse and diode protected circuit

DC-A: 0-200µ; A-2000µ; A-20mA-200mA; Resistance: 0-200-2000-20K-200K-2000K ohm; DC-V: 0-200mV-2000mV-20V-200V-1000V; AC-V: 0-200-750V